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Olney Town Center Advisory Committee Selects Joe Buffington, Jr. to Fill A Newly Created Seat to Represent Small Business Property Owners in the Town Center

(Posted 4/27/08)

At it's April 22nd meeting, the Olney Town Center Advisory Committee (OTCAC)selected Joe Buffington as its newest member. Mr. Buffington fills the seat recently designated for a small business property owner in the town center. Since the small business property owners do not have a specific organization, per se, to represent their interests the new committee member has been asked to develop a plan in the next 3-6 months to get input and feedback from other small business property owners in the town center.

As a part of approving the 2005 Olney Master Plan, the Montgomery County Council directed the Maryland National Park & Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) to establish a Olney Town Center Advisory Committee to refine the guidance in the Master Plan by creating a community-supported town center concept that will serve as a guide to future developers. Download a fact sheet on the committe here. The Park and Planning staff solicited volunteers to serve on this Committee. Their goal was to create a well-balanced committee that represented a broad cross-section of the community and all interested-parties, but was still a manageable size. On May 4, 2006, the M-NCPPC Planning Board approved the membership of this Advisory Committee.

Current Advisory Committee Members
(as of April 2008)

Name Representation Email
Bob Beard Greater Olney Civic Association bob.beard
Joe Buffington, Jr. Small Property Owner joe.buffingtn
Eileen Cahill Mid-County Citizen Advisory Board eileen.cahill
Nancy DeLalio, Secretary Hallowell Homeowners Association nancy.delalio
Mark Feinroth Williamsburg Village Civic Association mark.feinroth
Joe Fritsch Mid-County Recreation Advisory Board joe.fritsch
Paula Kahla Olney Chamber of Commerce paula.kahla
Dorothy Kane PROJECT CHANGE dorothy.kane
Walter Lee Environ Homeowners Association walter.lee
Mike Reilly Carl M. Freeman Companies mike.reilly
Helene Rosenheim, Vice-Chair Mid-County Services Center helene.rosenheim
Jim Smith, Chair Oatland Farms Homeowners Association james.smith

`The Committee established a process within its Rules and Procedures adopted June 5, 2006 for filling vacancies as they occur. To date the following members have left the Committe: (1) Dan Dionisio, May 2006; (2)Jim Wallace, April 2007; (3) Tom Gallagher, October 2007; (4) Gina Angiola, February 2008

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Other Contributors

Name Affiliation Role Email
Khalid Afzal Maryland-National Capital Park & Planning Commission Olney Community Planner khalid.afzal
Dr. Joe Buffington Property owner in Olney Member, OTCAC Outreach Subcommittee drjoebuff
Bill Caldwell formerly with RTKL Associates, Inc. Consultant
Laura Rydland RTKL Associates, Inc. Consultant lrydland

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