Goal 1

Capitol Improvement Programs

Action Plan for 2022-2024: Continue to monitor the status of and advocate for Montgomery County CIP projects that promote the vision of the Olney Town Center. Some possible activities include advocating for new CIP funding for a Civic Center and Town Commons; engagement with MedStar Montgomery, Olney Farmers Market, Ahold, St. Peters, Olney Theatre, OBGC, WSSC, and other potential stakeholders; work with County officials on the completion of North High Street and Alley B; continue to identify opportunities for public/private partnerships; and continue dialogues with the largest landowners in the town center about plans for future redevelopment.

Lead: Program Subcommittee

In response to OTCAC’s Concept Plan for a Civic Center and Town Commons, the Montgomery County Department of General Services presented their Report on a Town Commons for Olney at OTCAC’s January, 2018 meeting. 

Connection of North High Street to Morningwood Drive.

Discovering and resolution of traffic issues on Morningwood Dr.