Hillcrest Office Building

Development & Redevelopment Issues

Action Plan for 2020-2022: Coordinate the community input to the Montgomery County Planning Board for any public or private redevelopment. Provide committee input for other improvements in the Town Center to other public or private bodies (e.g. Zoning Board of Appeals, Sign Board of Appeals) consistent with the 2005 Master Plan. Development Guide can be found here.

Lead: Redevelopment Subcommittee

Preliminary Elevation View-Hillcrest Office Building

Preliminary Site Plan-Hillcrest Office Building

Tentative Schedule of events-Hillcrest Office Building

  • Presentation to Olney Town Center Advisory Committee - March 22, 2022

  • Pre-Filing Community Meeting - Spring 2022

  • Application Filing - Spring 2022

  • Development Review Committee Meeting - Spring 2022

  • Planning Board Hearing - Summer/Fall 2022

  • Construction Start - Spring/Summer 2023

Hillcrest Office Building